The Instrumentation division of NTPL has been serving the instrumentation needs of Research Labs and Industries for over a decade. NTPL offers the best in class Instrumentation products from simple general purpose sourcing and measurements to complex ATE sytems.
Nagaraj Technologies Pvt Ltd
NTPL is authorized dealer for the following companies in india.
Test & Measuring Instruments for ATE’s!
High accuracy LCR meters, Pulse, Sweep, and Function Generators, 4000 to 200,000 count DMM's for field and bench applications, Frequency Counters to 3 GHz and wide selections of Power Suppliers.
Spectrum Analyzer, Hand held Analyzer, EMI/EMC Antenna, EMIProbe & EMCShielding.
Power Supplies. Electronic Loads. ET System electronic GmbH.GERMANY
Sources, AC / DC Lab power supplies, AC / DC Electronic Loads, Safety Test Systems area include high voltage and insulation testers as well as protective current and leakage current test units, HV power supplies, Laser diode tester. www.etsystem. de
Electronic Loads. PRODIGIT.TAIWAN
DC Electronic Load, AC Electronic Load, Power Supply Automatic Test System, Power Meter. Current Shunt, Energy and Power Monitor, Power Safer, Graphic Timer. Graphic Timer with Energy Monitor.
Safety Testers. HT ITALIA.ITALY
Photovoltaic Testers, Power Quality Analyzers, Step/Contact meters Multifunction meters for safety test on installation & network analysis, Safety Meters: Insulation & continuity testers, Earth Testers, RCD/LOOP, Combined meters:LAN wire mapper, TRMS multimeters, Clampon meters Safety Testers:Switchboard panel & machines testers, Voltage & Data Loggers, LAN network testers, Digital & analogical multimeters, Thermal imagers & thermometers.
Computer controlled
measuring instruments.
TiePie Engineering, NETHERLANDS
Storage Oscilloscope,spectrum analyzer, transient recorder, voltmeter and signal generator.
Fibre Optic Measurement
and Instrumentation
Luciol Instruments SWITZERLAND
Luciol's core expertise is in photoncounting technology, which enables a new class of Optical TimeDomain Reflectometers. These OTDRs have extremely high spatial resolution, which is impossible to achieve with conventional types of OTDRs.
RF Generators and
T & C Power Conversion, Inc. USA
Solid state RF Generators and Amplifiers for the Ultrasonics, MRI, NMR, Spectroscopy, Broadcast Communications, EMC testing, Thin Film Deposition, CVD, PVD, gas plasma etc.