Solution -HR Management Suite
HR Management Suite
NTPL HR Solutions incorporate the traditional knowledge of HR processes combined with the latest technologies to provide an array of solutions that make the HR management function simple and less cumbersome.
It covers the entire HR lifecycle from screening resumes and joining to seperation. Additional features include travel settlements, intranet portal for information sharing and employee feedback processes.
Resume Manager
Resume Manager helps recruiting team in a organization to search and build up the database with prospective resumes. Recruiting team defines the search criteria to be used for searching over Internet. This tools allows the configure the web sites or portals to be used for the search. It simplifies the job of recruiting team.
E-Track helps HR, Recruiting and Marketing to automate the process of their activities in an efficient manner. This is achieved by automating the process of gathering, recruiting and Marketing requirements and presenting the report to the management in a structured manner for easy understanding .The whole process is streamlined and made more effective.
This application automates the process of joining as a part of HR activity. All the new Joinees will be using this application for registering their names, filling up PF Forms, Gratuity Form, Written Assurance form, Account request form etc. Once the form is submitted by the Joinee, he /she cannot edit the info and any editing can only be done with the help of HR people. Along with this, Reports, Other useful links are also provided. HR personnel can generate various kinds of reports employee wise.
E-Travel is a web application which automates travel process. The employees can make request and also can make the travel claims after travel.This application is used for pre travel and post travel process, users can make on line travel request which encompasses various travel procedure including approval from managers. This also allows user to make post travel settlements.
HR Portal
This is a generalised Portal, where in all the info pertaining Benefits, compensation package, training & other activities, Growth opportunities etc., for an employee will be made available in a particular format. All the employees can access this info on line and acquire desired knowledge.
This application is useful for getting the employees’ feedback about the work environment, etc. This has different questions grouped under different sections. Questionnaire shall be hosted on the web for some time and employees are required to answer these on a scale of 1 to 5. This has both objective and descriptive type of questions. Reports in different formats so as to analyze the impact of the survey is provided on line. Also, Reports shall be generated based on the grade of the employee for evaluating the performance.