Network Management & Security
The Network Management and Security team helps organizations to implement tools and technologies to manage and maintain the I.T. infrastructure. Customers can choose from a wide array of tools either from the OpenSource resource pool or commercial products that help I.T.infrastructure teams to support alignment with Business Goals and increase the efficiency & productivity of the organization.
IT Operations
HP is the market leader across the IT value chain.
The HP OpenView suite of solutions include.
Application Management. Event Management.
Network Management. Client Automation.
Data Center Automation.
Service / Helpdesk. Asset Management.
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  Client Systems Management / Asset Management Tools
Landesk automates systems and security management tasks and proactively see, manage, update and protect all desktops, servers and mobile devices from a single console.
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Network Access Control (NAC)
NAC appliance that operates out-of-band and can attach anywhere in the network, giving it the ability to secure up to tens of thousands of users which includes revamped identity management, end-point compliance, policy enforcement features and VPN support.
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Network Behavior Analysis (NBA)
Lancope’s StealthWatch System integrates security and network management technology to reduce network risks and maximize network availability by rapidly identifying, prioritizing and mitigating critical threats, whether new or well known. For more info, visit:
Log Management
The LogLogic family of LX-ST and MX appliances address the compliance, operations and risk mitigation needs for collecting, storing, reporting and alerting on 100 percent of IT log data from virtually any device, operating system or application. For more info, visit :
RTLS (Radio Frequency Identity / Real Time Location Services)
Ekahau is the recognized leader in location-enabling enterprise Wi-Fi networks. Ekahau's mission is to provide the easiest, most cost effective and accurate positioning solutions for locating people, assets, inventory and other objects using wireless enterprise networks
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Bandwidth Management
Load Balancer A10 Networks makes high-performance products that help organizations accelerate, optimize and secure their applications. Foe more info, visit :
Desktop Management:
OS Installation.
Network Settings.
Packages Installations ( MS Office, MS Visio, MS Project,.....).
Mail Configurations.
Internet Configurations.
Service pack up gradation and Installations.
Application Installation ( Java, Eclipse, VSS, Visual Studio.Net,......).
OS Imaging and Restoration.
Antivirus Installation /Updating.
Peripheral Services ( Printer/Scanners etc.
Server Management
a). Windows Server
OS installation ( Windows NT 4.0, Windows 2000, Windows 2003 / 2008 Server)
Basic Server configuration (Network address, DNS, WINS etc)
Disk Redundancy configurations ( RAID )
LDAP configurations ( Active Directory )
DNS, DHCP, WINS configurations
IIS Web /Proxy Servers
ISA/Terminal Server
Mail services ( MS Exchange ) Installation and Basic Configurations
b). Linux and UNIX Server
Redhat 9/10 Installation( all types)/configuration/Basic Troubleshooting
HP UX Installation /Basic configurations
Solaris 9/10 Installation /Basic configurations
User Administration - Mail Configurations ( Postfix, Sendmail,...)
LVM, RAID, - DNS, DHCP,NIS/NFS, Samba Configurations
Apache Web server /Squid Proxy
All software level maintenance of Server class Machines ( HP, IBM, DELL)
Backup Services
Windows server Native backup/Restore services.
Third Party Backup and Restore Services (like Veritas backup exe).
Database Management
MS SQL 2000 , MySQL Installation, Configuration, Basic Troubleshooting.
Oracle Installation and Basic configuration (UNIX , Linux & Windows).
IP address Management.
Switch, Hub, Bridge Installations and configurations.
Complete Network Management Services.
VLAN Management - Secured Zone LAN's.
Security Services - Internal LAN security.
Patch management.
Intrusion Detection System.
Penetration Testing.
Security Policy design / Implementation.
Full Security Audit services.
WAN services
Leased Line establishment.
Router and Modem Configurations.
VPN Configurations.
Firewall and Gateway Services.
QOS and Bandwidth Management Antivirus.
Antivirus Server and client installations.
Centralized console Installation ).